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Welcome to High Priestess of the Sun, a lifestyle and intuitive space for soulseekers, soulpreneurs, and soulguides seeking illumination around their Higher Calling through the ancient arts of astrology and tarot.
This is your personal invitation to voyage into the 5th dimensional realm where the Light of the sun is your guide to becoming a leader during this paradigm shift.

You will align yourself to your greater mission here on this planet during this incredible Age of Aquarius era. Through the Zodiac and the planets that live within you, you will discover the reason for your actions (and inactions), and gracefully move through any roadblocks or barriers that are shadowing your path to success.

You will voyage through the mystical powers of your inner Higher Priestess and use the Sun to eliminate your path to transcending the world, raising your own frequency, and by being a beautiful mirror for your kismet clients, so they too can find their purpose on this planet.
The Age of Aquarius is Calling You...
Do you feel it?

With so much change happening in the cosmos, and energetically throughout the world, it's only natural that those who are tuned-in are feeling called to step into a greater leadership role and be of service to their divine students.

People are all over the world are waking up little by little, and even those fighting their spiritual invitation are feeling the shift. This shift began in late 2012, when everyone thought the world was coming to an end; the true shift was the planets were moving out of The Age of Pisces and into The Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is about awakening and rising to your divinity and Higher Calling. What is no longer about playing follow the leader (The Age of Pisces), is now a global initiation for us all to become Master Teachers to those who seek our perspective on life.

In fact, your sovereignty depends on your courage to become who you truly are and the weirder the better! As you will learn in the High Priestess of the Sun, each of us is moving towards creating our very own Rainbow Bridge, the connection between your Soulself and your Shadow Self. They work together brilliantly to create magick!

Those who are not comfortable in their own skin will suffer greatly and those who "do the work" will be rewarded abundantly. That is why the world needs YOU now.
Does this sound like you?
You're ready to become more courageous on your divine path

You're feeling called to teach what you intuitively feel in your soul

You're in a state of transformation and are open to creating your Rainbow Bridge

You are shedding the skin of who you once were and are excited about who you will become!

You may still harvest some deep wounds and traumas, but feel yourself becoming Lighter with each day

You know that community is a foundational resource to your spiritual ascension

You're eager to step fully into the 5th dimension and let go of 3rd dimensional limiting beliefs for good!
High Priestess of The Sun is an opportunity to birth your Rainbow Bridge and begin serving from your soul (if you're not already!) Through past trauma and fallen insecurities birth new daily habits and rituals. With these ritual your vibration increases and with this new frequency your magnetism increases for greater abundance and prosperity for you and the world at large.

With the Sun as your muse, you will open new portals within your personality and open doors to the intuitive world where divine messages are received, Akashic Records are stored, and close doors that were never yours to begin with.
Step into Your Divine Leadership Role...
HIGH PRIESTESS OF THE SUN is an astrological community for soulseekers, soulpreneurs, and soulguides inspired to co-create with the Universe so she may be of greater service, all while beating to her own drum, which is where your magick lives.

» It is a gathering of women from all walks of life and all over the world who are waking up and excited to be of service to those who match their vibration.

» It is a spiritual initiation to live in sync with the seasons of the Zodiac and to connect to the Solar power that lives within us all.

» It is a sacred space for you to think and feel outside of the box, and to remember who you truly are.

» It is a ceremony for you to restore courage, love, tenderness, spiritual wisdom, and heighten your intuition so you may build a business around your Higher Calling -- the movement you were brought here to lead!

» It is a 5D Temple for your ascension and 3D skin shedding.

» It is your gift to yourself to celebrate your individuality and give yourself permission to be the Light you wish to see in the world.

» It is your chance to heal your past, become a cheerleaders for the present moment, and to stop worrying about the future! Now is all there truly is!

» It is a place for you to shine, speak your truth, and elevate the consciousness of the planet by sharing your story with the world!

» And so much more...